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Baby alpaca garments made by Andean women.

We offer baby alpaca garments made with loom knitting tecniques passed from mothers to daughters since Incan time.

All our women knitters are from a farming community of Parobamba, it is not easy to find a job as women in the very highlands of Peru but this group of Peruvian knitters found a way to show their unique work to the world through alpacagarment.com so buying a garment from them, You not only get a piece of Incan heritage encompassed in their weavings, You will also help their children to have a better future because these Andean ladies are working hard to educate their kids just making unique pieces of art for You.


«Martina Quispe Quillo» a recognized Andean loom knitter, all her family and farming community weavings will be posted at alpacagarment.com